The DRUMBEAT program engages young people, lifts their self-confidence and teaches them a range of life-skills enabling them to communicate more effectively and thrive within their community, to reach personal goals. Participants learn how to co-operate, collaborate and communicate without the threat of misunderstanding and judgment.

The program is used with a diverse range of children and adolescents. Group enrolments are carefully considered to ensure best outcomes are meet. Age, gender, background information and experiences are all considered. For example a group may be made up of females aged 13-15 years who report experiencing social or identity issues.

The drum is a perfect medium to engage young people – it’s exciting (cool), it’s easy to play (reduces fear of failure), it’s powerful (demands attention), and playing it is physical (releases tension).

DRUMBEAT develops persistence, patience and commitment. Evaluations of the program have shown that young people are more willing and able to engage in mainstream group activities upon completing the program; they have improved emotional regulation, feel more confident, less anxious and have a greater sense of belonging. Evaluations show these changes are maintained after completing the program.

Like many cognitive based programs DRUMBEAT encourages participants to talk about their lives, and their relationships. These conversations are drawn from analogies taken from the group drumming experience. With the safety of the drum as a communication medium, young people quickly develop the confidence to participate.

The program is taught to groups of 8 – 10 participants across ten, one-hour sessions and finishes with a performance.

Some of the issues which may be explored in the program are; Peer Pressure, Anxiety, Depression, Dealing with Emotions, Bullying, Identity, Social Responsibility, Family Relationships, Teamwork, Significant Life Events, Change, School Transition, Confidence and Adopting Strategies to Reach Personal Goals.


COST: $495 per participant

This includes;

  • Registered Psychologist running the program with 1 assistant
  • 1 hr Individual and or family Initial consultation to discuss personal issues and desired                   program outcomes.
  • 10 x 1 hour group sessions
  • Standardised testing throughout to measure change and personal outcomes
  • 1 African Djembe per participant for the 10 1hr sessions
  • Venue for sessions and end of program performance
  • Certificate of completion in personal development and health

Program will run from The Ideas Vault in Sydney and varying venues on the South Coast. With 8 - 10 participants we are able to run the program from your desired venue.

To enquire about Drumbeat or be notified about our upcoming programs please contact us

*DRUMBEAT is also tailored to run in schools during the term. If you are  a private educator and wish to enquire about the program and fees please also contact us

“I just wanted to share with you briefly about the DRUMBEAT program which has kicked off with a flying start. As you may remember, 10 students were selected to participate in the drumming program, which is facilitated by Kalle Egan our School Counsellor. Drumbeat is tailored to address resilience, confidence, social and emotional needs and joy through music therapy in a safe and confidential environment. I can honestly say that just out of one session, the result is already visible. To see and hear some of our most vulnerable students sharing their feelings openly was amazing and a testament to the program. I look forward to sharing more of its success with you and already anticipate our end of term performance. Viva la musica!”
- Roxanne Marinos, Assistant Principal