Opportunities for Change

This two day program is designed for participants wanting to change negative behaviours and/or habits impacting quality of life. If you are committed to adopting a healthier relationship with yourself, your partner, family and or role as a professional this workshop is for you.

“Don’t be afraid of what you might find, embrace that you have courage to find it, and live a life that you and those around you deserve.”

This workshop question driven program uses a series of practical activities aiming to;

Day 1 – Recognition and Awareness

  • Discover what your negative thoughts and behaviours are
  • Explore the driving factors in those  behavioursand how these are impacting your personal and professional life
  • Explore the stories from your past that impact the present and future  
  • Recognise the impact your thoughts and behaviours are having on self and others

Day 2 – Implementation and Maintenance

  • How to recognise and accept your negative traits no longer allowing them to rule your thoughts and behaviour
  • How to implement positive thoughts and behaviours into your personal and professional life
  • How to communicate your thoughts and behaviours in a positive way
  • Acquiring a set of tools for future challenges and maintenance

This program is designed to take you outside your normal comfort zones and to offer you opportunities and insights into your authentic self. We will explore the circumstances under which you default to learned behaviours. The program creates challenges that ask you about your performance under pressure, and how to understand and practise making decisions based on the principle of Social and emotional Intelligence. Our objective is to demonstrate which human abilities make up the ingredients for excellence in your life.

“Perhaps all the dragons of our lives are princesses who are waiting to see us once, beautiful and brave. Perhaps everything terrible is in its deepest being something that needs our love”.  Rilke

COST: $795 per participant
This includes;

  • 2 day program 8.30am-5pm  
  • Venue and catering
  • Follow up 1hr phone consultation regarding your personal outcomes and maintenance of change

Program will run from The Ideas Vault in Sydney and varying venues on the South Coast.

To enquire about 'Opportunities for Change' or be notified about our upcoming programs please contact us