Leadership Development

This program is designed for community and workplace leaders empowering you to be more effective and resilient in your roles within the organisation you represent.

The program has broad aims that are further refined and designed to comply with the needs of the organisation. Participants will gain knowledge and skills in the following areas;

  • Allow participants to identify and refine their own unique leadership style
  • Build participants capacity to work effectively within teams
  • Develop a “systems” approach to understanding and working in complex situations
  • Become aware of the kinds of unexpected and unwanted outcomes that can flow from policy initiatives.
  • Increase knowledge of the fundamental ways to build effective teams
  • Develop skills in advocacy, partnership building, project development and individual networking.

A unique feature of the program is blending concepts of leadership with interpersonal and social processes using dialogue and system dynamics. The program is designed to provide a broad “integrated experience”. Participants will develop a holistic approach to working in complex situations and leadership challenges.

Flexibility built into the framework allows specific program content to be co-evolved with the participants, enhancing the relevance of the program.

Onsite and offsite programs are available across the East Coast and ACT.  The leadership program is tailored to your group’s requirements. Please browse the following link to workshops you may wish to incorporate into your event.