At seeChange Psychology & Consultancy we offer facilitation with a twist. Aiming to entwine and explore contemporary ideas using a grassroots approach.

We cater for any size meeting, training event or workshop. We concentrate on the content and process and what tasks and or problems organisation wish to address. We support in guiding you through your agenda and meeting your goals effectively.

Our facilitator’s objective is to focus on the interests of all participants when crafting solutions. We understand that to remain effective, groups must maintain their ability to work together and meet members’ personal needs, as well as deliver quality services or products. Opposed to shifting blame participants will learn to focus on understanding how problems arise and how best to solve them. Overall we aim to increase responsibility and ownership through positive thinking and teamwork. 

We support groups in identifying the core values and beliefs that guide their behaviour, and how these may support and or undermine their effectiveness. Group participation is paramount in reaching outcomes. Our facilitators ensure all participants are engaged and take responsibility for the role both independently and as part of the group.

Facilitators can be hired for half or full day bookings. We are flexible and can work within your organisation's budget. Onsite and offsite facilitation is available across the East Coast and ACT. Facilitation is tailored to your group’s requirements. Please browse the following link to workshops you may wish to incorporate into your event.