Anyone who currently attends school or graduated 60 years ago will have a story about the challenges they faced. At seeChange Psychology & Consultancy we are dedicated to supporting children and adolescents thrive within their educational setting. We believe every person not only has a right to education but also has a right to a positive educational experience. If you believe your child is not reaching their full potential or unable to do so in their current setting let us help you discover why.

Below are a list of services we offer;

  • Assessment & Diagnosis – assessment type depends on an individual's presenting issues and ranges from IQ testing to adaptive and behavioural assessments.  This service includes parent/carer & teacher interviews, observations in a range of settings, feedback, recommendations and a detailed report.

  • Educational recommendations & programs – tailored education plans to ensure success through acknowledging individual strengths and weaknesses. This service includes collaborating with schools and other services who play a role in your child’s learning.
  • Educational re-integration – If your child or adolescent has become disengaged, unmotivated or refuses to attend school we aim to work with that individual to uncover the cause and redevelop a positive educational relationship.